About me, NerdyMom!

Back in my day you didn't go telling everyone on the internet who you were in real life and you didn't post videos and pics of your dumb face doing stuff. You kept your internet self and your real self seperate, and I think we were all better for it. So I am not going to tell you my name or any identifying features.

I haven't seen a movie in the theater in years

When I was in college I'd go all the time with my friends, but I haven't even seen the last Star Wars one. People say it sucks but I still want to see it, I love Star Wars. I read all them Star Wars books back in the day.

I have unsophisticated tastes

I don't like 'deep' books. I want to be entertained, not preached at philosophically. Like, I got my own thoughts, you know what I mean? I don't want someone else jamming their thoughts into my brain. I just want to read about an adventure with brave women and handsome men and monsters or whatever.

That isn't to say I'm stupid. I 'get' deep stuff. I just don't like it. Same with art movies. Like I know what's going on, I just loathe pretentiousness.

I read alot

I don't read much fiction, but when I do it's almost always historical fiction. I like to learn about a different time and place. Or science fiction. I tried to read Dune a while ago but I had trouble getting into it, I should try again. Mostly I read non-fiction books about history/social/science. There are not books in my native language at the library, so I buy them second hand at the thrift shop for only a Euro or so. I have dozens of books to read because I keep buying them. Been reading a lot about Tudor England lately and WW2.

I like to play video games to relax

I don't play many games though, I usualy just get an MMO for my Xbone and play it, and only it, for over a year. I used to play ESO but now I'm playing Fallout 76. Yeah, I know people are like 'pff that games sucks' but I like playing it. I don't play everyday because my time priority is my son and taking care of the house, but when he naps I play for an hour or so. I used to play more games, I had a ton of them for the PS3, but I just don't have the time anymore.

I write a lot

I know, surprise, right? I wrote my first story when I was eight and ever since then I've been thinking about writing. I wrote my first proper book when I was sixteen and it was terrible and wish I could eliminate the memory of it from my mind for it shames me deeply to think of it. Anyway I am almost always working on a book to varying degrees of effort. I self-published a few novellas a while ago to get a feel for if that was viable for me. It's not, but I got some blogs to review it (it was what you'd call a real niche piece of work) and they were encouraging of my style, so I kept at it. My dream is to be a published writer with an agent and all that jazz. If that actually happens I may be upfront about my internet self and my meat self, who know?

There's probably going to be some typos and stuff on my website. I have never been the world's strongest speller, and the text editor hasn't got a spellcheck. Don't give me grief about it, this is my chill zone.

Turns out getting a college degree wasn't the ticket to sucess like I was told it was.

I have a bachelors degree in what should have been a pretty employable, practical field, not lke art or philosophy or anything like that. Five years later and it's gotten me nowhere. The most recent opening I applied for they replied that they had gotten 200 equally qualified applicants. I went to school in a not-crap country so I don't have any student loans I need to repay so it isn't a total disaster, but what a disappointment. University is kind of a scam in the sense they're like "yeah you can totally get a job, we haven't over-saturated the labor market or anything." It worked out okay because I'm at a stay at home mom and I like it, but FFS they really sell you a line when they tell you 'go to college'.

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