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Spooking it up…

This page is for my interest in the paranormal. When I was in the 2nd grade there was a book on Bigfoot in my classroom and I read it and blew my mind that there was mysteries of the natural world. Ever since then it’s been my pet topic. On this page you will find some cool paranormal stuff – mostly ghosts and cryptids, but also other Fortean goings on.

My own personal ghost(?) encounter

Fifteen years ago or so I was working the second shift at a call center, and as a result I was taking a lot of naps during the day. I was still also living with my mom. So, one afternoon when no one else was in the house I fell asleep on the sofa. Now, it’s important for you to know that I understand the difference between awake and dream – I have hypnogognic hallucinations from time to time, which more or less is your brain is asleep but your eyes are open so you ‘see’ stuff. I mostly see things like birds or bugs when I have these hallucinations. I know the difference between awake and asleep. Sorry, but my mom insists I was sleeping and I know damn well I was not sleeping when I ‘saw’ the ghost.

As I was saying before I got distracted by an imaginary argument with my mom, I was napping on the sofa in the living room with no one else in the house. I was awoken by a sound I have never heard before or since. It was like a trumpet playing a long sustained note in one ear and through my head and out the other ear. When I woke up I laid there for a minute or so, trying to process this weird noise. Then I heard banging in the kitchen of cabinets and the fridge and stuff. I was pretty sure I was alone, but I got up to go into the kitchen to see if it was my sister. There was no one in the kitchen and all the cabinets were shut.

I called out to see if there was anyone there because I was so sure I heard someone in there. I walked all over the upper floor, looking into all the rooms because I thought my sister was there. But there was no one. I walked down the hall back into the living room and in the reflection of the big rear-projection TV (which was off, mom!) I saw a pair of legs, women’s legs, and only the legs, walking back down the hall to the master bathroom. I followed but of course there was nothing.

I didn’t feel threatened or scared by any of this, which is what you’d think would happen from seeing a ghost. I didn’t sense it after it walked down the hall either, like I had before when I felt like there was someone else in the house. It had just left. I went back to the sofa and chilled out (no, I didn’t smoke any weed, I was stone cold sober the whole time.

I asked my stepfather later that day if he had ever seen anything weird in the living room. I didn’t ask if he’d seen a ghost, but he told me that sometimes late at night he saw a shadow pass in front of the lights of the satellite box, and once when he was also completely alone in the foyer he saw a female figure with long dark hair walk past him and into the bathroom and disappear. He also said he didn’t feel threatened or worried about it. The house was new construction, maybe only ten years or so, and the area was very rural. We theorized that it may be a inquisitive native American spirit checking out our house, but that’s just a guess. My mom thinks we are just seeing stuff, but I know what I saw and I also don’t think my stepdad would make shit up. He’s said he’s seen a chair levitate before, which is a story he told me before hand. I’ve heard you have to be receptive mentally to these sorts of things in order to see them, like you have to be on a certain psychic wavelength to pick it up. That would explain why my mom doesn’t see it cause she thinks it’s all bullshit.

The Flatwoods Monster

I saw this here picture in one of the half-dozen or so book my local library had on UFO/unexplained/ghosts/etc and it's haunted me ever since. Just look it! In my mind the Flatwoods Alien is a she, I guess because she's wearing a dress. She's like an alien nun from the terror dimension. I believe she was only spotted once and in West Virginia, also home to the Mothman. In Fallout 76 the Mothman is alright but they got The Flatwoods Monster all wrong. They made it just an normal grey/reptilian alien and not the surreal fever dream nun above.

The Flatwoods Monster is probably connected to UFOs, but what cryptid isn't anymore? Ten feet tall, appeared in a fireball, eyes flowing red and filled with dread. Also left behind a foul odor.

Dover Demon

Much like the Flatwoods Monster, the Dover Demon was sighted only a few times. Again, I am drawn to the haunting nature of the drawing of it. Alien like, but walking along like a cat. The big orange eyes are so spooky. I've read that it's a moose calf, which seems like a crazy explaination, but people also like to ascribe the Flatwoods Monster as being a barn owl. The Hopkinsville Goblins also get called barn owls. Now granted if I unexpectedly saw an owl I'd be startled, but not enough that I'd think it was an alien.

There is something very sinister about the Dover Demon. It's in the way he walks. Like he could crawl up and into your front yard and just watch you while you sleep.

Mowing Devil

In ye olde days of 1678 a farmer said "pff, I ain't paying you that much to cut my wheat, let the devil do it". So that night there was a fire in the field and the next morning all the crop was cut...into a circle. Like the crop circles we all know and love today.

What I find interesting about this is trying to find paranormal events in a framework from centuries past. Like, I was reading about how in the War of The Worlds the concept of a laser hadn't been invented yet, so what the aliens shot out was a 'heat ray'. So, over 400 years ago, when there was no electricity, how would you describe lights? Also to keep in mind is how we try to describe and understand phenomena that do not have scientific knowledge or experience of.

Stay tuned for more.

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